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gas oil fired boiler
coal fired boiler
Thermal oil boiler
Coal boiler, biomass boiler
Gas Oil Steam boiler
  • gas oil fired boiler
  • coal fired boiler
  • Thermal oil boiler
  • Coal boiler, biomass boiler
  • Gas Oil Steam boiler

Industrial Boilers

  • Boiler types:Steam boiler, Hot water boiler, Thermal oil boiler
  • Capacity:0.1t/h--50t/h; 100kg-50000kg; 20Hp-3000hp
  • Pressure:0.4MPa~2.5MPa
  • Fuel:Natural gas/Diesel/heavy oil/exhaust gas; Biomass/wood/rice husk/bagasse; Coal/solid fuel;
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We provide various models of Industrial Boilers to meet the requirement of most industrial production, including Steam Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, Thermal Oil Boiler, Fire Tube boiler, Water Tube boiler, Electric Boiler, Horizontal & Vertical Boilers. To Know more, feel free to contact by

Boiler Application:

Beverage factory, Food processing industry, Ketchup industry, Textile factory, Printing and dyeing factory, Garment factory, Paper mill, Plywood factory, Poultry feed mill, Refinery, Rice mill, Noodle factory, Sugar mill, Wood processing industry, Carton factory, Cardboard factory, Dyeing mill, Leather factory, Packaging industry, Central heating, Greenhouse, Hospital, Rubber factory, Slaughterhouse, Soap factory, Bitumen plant, etc.


Oil & Gas Fired Boilers (Fire Tube Boiler)

    1. Patent design, strong output, long service life
    2. Stable operation, low maintenance rate
    3. Large furnace space, strong load adaptability
    4. Simple structure, easy to install and maintain
    5. Low water quality requirement, big water volume
    6. Multiple protection device, safe and reliable operation
    7. Large combustion chamber, Automatic and stable operation

Coal / Biomass Fired Boilers (Water Tube Boiler)

    1. Stable operation, low cost
    2. Strong adaptability for fuels
    3. High automation, easy operation
    4. Strong output, great overload capacity
    5. External thermal insulation material,low heat loss
    6. Large combustion chamber, high combustion efficiency
    7. Dust removal equipment, clean and environmental protection 

Thermal Oil Boilers (Fuel: Gas Oil Coal Biomass)

    1. Adopting three-return wet-back structure
    2. Close-packed coil tube, larger heat load ability
    3. Multiple security protection functions, safety and reliable
    4. Large front and rear door design, convenient for overhaul
    5. Energy saving device, improve efficiency of thermal utilization
    6. Usage: Oil Chemical Factory/ chemical fiber industry
    wood processing/paper/building materials/food industry
1. Yuanda boiler, has more than 10 years export experiences.
2. Offer two years Warranty & life-long maintenance services & full-life counseling services
3. With over 60 years' experience in boiler design, technique, production, installation and operation.
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5. Yuanda boiler has exported to more than 80 countries, in Middle East,Asia,Southeast Asia,Africa,South America etc.

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