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Our Service:

High quality service is what we are pursuing. Our service is available all around the world.

Service Tenet:

Customer-Centric Approach

Quality and Excellence

Integrity and Ethics

Innovation and Adaptability

Community and Social Responsibility

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Long-Term Relationships

Pre-sale Service:

Assistance Before Sales:

1. Boiler model recommendation

Fuel options, Thermal capacities options, Heat medium options, Structure options, Layout options, Operating-mode options, Please feel free to send all requirements, we could help you better.

2. Running Cost Analysis

Specific consumption analysis report based on your local energy source price.

3. In Boiler System, All Accessories Optional

Control panel, Water treatment device, Gas/oil boiler need burner, Economizer, Conderser, Heat recovery unit, Deaerator, Solid fuel burning combustions stoker (chain-grate, reciprocating-grate, travelling-grate, fixed-grate), Steam header, Pumps, Water level gauge/sensor, Pressure guage/sensor, Safety valves, etc.

4. Your Local Projects Cases Studies

Yuanda Boiler projects cover 107 countries and regions.

After-sale Service:

1. Oversea Commissioning

2. Trouble Clearing

3. Trainning in Site

4. Maintenance service - 2 Times/Year

After sale team members:

1. Sales Manager- the first project manager and coordinator for your order

2. Technical Engineer- prepare all the boiler and pressure parts drawings and if you have any special requirements after placed the order, we can coordinate to revise.

3. Production Manager-strict quality control on each production process, the boiler will be manufactured strictly according to China National standard and inspection on each boiler parts and assembly. 

4. After-sale Engineer Team- Yuanda boiler have 6 professional after-sale engineers who are specially for oversea after-sale services. And this team are under management of Yuanda sales department, which can ensure a timely.

Technical Support:

1. Boiler assembly drawing

2. Boiler main part drawing

3. Pipe and instrument diagram

4. Foundation drawing

5. Installation instructions

6. Pressure parts strength calculation summary table

7. Certificate of Boiler Quality

8. Boiler inspection certificate

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